Teaching 5th graders about eating insects! Canyon school

John and Joey paid a visit to the 5th-7th grade class at Canyon School to give a presentation on eating insects. The kids loved it!

They had all kinds of great ideas for how to make insects more palatable – including chocolate covered, fried, ground and baked into a cake. At the end of the presentation we even had a few kids say that they had been scared of insects before the presentation, but now they are really interested in trying them.

We were even invited to auction off some of our product at the Canyon School April fundraiser – awesome!


Local Food Night at Hub SoMa

We sold insect protein fortified cookies and cupcakes at the Hub SoMa local food night on March 17, 2012. It was a blast! We made over $100 in revenue and proved that people will pay for food with insects in it!

carrot cake cupcakes fortified with cricket protein, topped with cream cheese frosting, candied mealworms and candied pecans

oatmeal cranberry cookies with a kick of cricket protein powder. Many thanks to Jared Brick for the photos!

William says, “Care to try a cupcake?”

Happy Mealworms

The mealworms are doing great. They love eating organic celery, apples and carrots. Look at them go!

1,000 Organic Mealworms

Just received 1,000 organic mealworms. Wow!

Doesn’t look like much at first….

And here they come!

Got them all set up with organic carrots and broccoli!

Mmmmm. More to come when they start to multiply!